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First Impressions Do Count

Think about this, up until now you are just a name on a bit of paper, your CV, now you have secured the interview you will become human again…prepare to be judged, studies have shown that people form judgments about you within four minutes.


Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to help improve your impression:-



Few things give a worse impression than turning up late. Allow yourself plenty of time, ideally arrive 10 minutes early and if unfamiliar with location do a dry run. Wait patiently, be courteous and professional to everyone you meet, you never know how much influence the receptionist may have on the hiring decision.

When you first meet your interviewer try to make a strong first impression, make eye contact, be positive, talk confidently, say your name slowly and clearly. When shaking hands, match the pressure of their handshake...do not be a limp lettuce or wet fish.


It’s always better to ‘dress up’ for the interview, unless you know the company has a strict casual environment. Make sure you are well groomed - clean hair, clean nails, clean shoes etc. Use a mint or brush your teeth prior to your interview. Do NOT chew gum during an interview. Do not wear too much perfume/aftershave. Stand up straight, no slouching, don’t fiddle or fidget, don’t forget to smile. Try to enjoy the experience, it’s your chance to shine!!

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