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Curriculum Vitae loosely translated as your “Course of Life”

Many CVs that we see simply list job titles and duties, however many employers are results focussed so they want to see what you have achieved, where you made a positive contribution or added real value. Potential employers hope you will ‘deliver’ for them. Make it a positive snapshot of your career and education to date.

View the CV as your entry ticket
to the interview stage, it is one part of the job-hunting process over which you have total control. It's worth taking the time to perfect your CV, here's a few tips to help you fine tune for success:-

Keep it Dynamic and Lightweight - Many CV's are rejected in the first 30 seconds if the reader cannot easily identify your core skills or job relevance. Bullet points can help to trim the CV down to pages (3 pages max. only if experience / seniority dictates). A clear, concise and well-presented CV encourages the employer to read on.

Sell Yourself - Personal Profiles are optional; remember most people claim to be honest, reliable and motivated, so it's probably best to demonstrate your personal qualities throughout your CV as this should increase your attractiveness as a candidate.

Tailor the CV - you may have a few CV’s highlighting different skillsets, tailor the CV to each specific job, employers want to see that you have a clear understanding of their role and how that relates to what you can do and what you've done previously.

Make it easy to spot your Talents - Employers want to be able to quickly understand what you are offering. Project yourself into the job and remember your focus needs to be on the employer not on you. Present your capabilities to show that you have the skills, expertise and passion that the company is looking for. Give the reader a reason to say 'YES' at the sifting stage.

Do you Measure up? - Demonstrate your ability to deliver results in quantifiable terms of achievement, ideally in % terms over target or against budget. Ensure you mention key results:- X% increase in new business that increased net profit by Y%
Follow the Instructions - Employers want staff who are reliable and can follow instructions. Ensure that your CV is accurate, contains your current contact details and complies with the requests of the advertisement i.e. include a covering letter; if not you may be seen as an 'unsafe' bet as you are prone to making errors or may be hard to manage as you prefer to do things your own way!

Be Professional - If you feel you are worth £30k+ then your writing style, experience and business knowledge must reflect this. Use the CV to promote your professional skills, it's not the place to broadcast your active social life. It is not necessary to list your salary, perks and bonuses. Remember to tell the truth, CV inaccuracies/untruths can come back to haunt you later.

Check, Change & Review - Take care with spelling and grammar, simple errors can result in your CV being rejected, ask a friend to proof read it. Employers often spend less that 2 minutes examining each CV, first impressions really do count.

Review your CV's success……Does it get you to the interview stage?If not, you may need to change it.
Finally it's...Curriculum Vitae – Get the spelling right

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